Are You Eating To Live, or Eating To Die? – Downloadable A4 PDF Ebook


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High blood pressure?
Heart disease?

They are all reversable!!!

Do you want to permanently lose weight in a way that is safe, healthy and doesn’t require you to starve?

Learn how Glenn lost 62lb in 5 months, just by changing the way he ate.

Do you want to reduce or eliminate the need for medication, and achieve your best health possible?

Do you want you and your family to escape chronic disease and live a healthy long life?

Do you want to protect your loved ones and yourself, from heart-disease, terminal or debilitating diseases, such as Alzheimers, Diabetes, MS, Fibromyalgia and cancer?

In 2011, Glenn was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer. He was requested to go straight into hospital for surgery, or a course of radiation therapy. Although the consultants shield around the issues, he would have been left impotent and incontinent, with no guarantees that he would live any longer.

Jill and Glenn went away and researched the cause, and with the help of teachings from the angelic realm, they found the cause was in diet: processed and refined food, meat and dairy, sugar, vegetable oils and a lack of fresh fruit, vegetables, beans, nuts and berries. Getting the balance right was what was needed to boost the immune system. Glenn fine-tuned the balance, and the result is the weight loss and cancer being reversed. Since that day, others have followed Glenn’s advice, and 2 people have reversed diabetes, another reversed fibromyalgia, and two others are reversing Osteoperosis.

Reversing arthritis is the biggest count, with so many people confirming they are easing their pain from arthritis, and many are pain free. Glenn had chronic arthritis in both shoulders, one knee, both feet and in finger joints. As of now in May 2014, he only has trouble (a lot less) in his right shoulder, where he smashed his shoulder joint badly at the age of 13, falling from a great height. Over 5 years ago, he was advised to have a shoulder replacement, and now it is so much better. Over 4 years ago, he was told he needed a new knee joint, and now he has grown new cartilage, and reversed arthritis, and has medical proof.

In this fantastic book, you will discover how you can boost your immunity, and protect yourself from common colds, right through to preventing terminal ill diseases. Glenn hasn’t had a common cold now in 2 and a half years and counting…

Discover the secret to preventing and reversing illness.


  • Why we’re are all getting fatter and sicker, even if we don’t overeat.
  • Why obesity is now pandemic in the western world.
  • Why modern science and medicine is failing to cure disease.
  • How to begin to revolutionise your diet and become healthy.
  • SUPERFOODS – Why they are important and how to incorporate them into your diet.
  • Why our Governments are blind to what is happening with food.
  • Why food manufacturers are ignorant of the damage they are doing.
  • How your body is slowly deteriorating on the inside; out of sight.
  • How packaged, processed, refined and canned food is slowly killing us.
  • How sugar is slowly killing us.
  • How, meat and dairy is the main cause of cancer and heart disease.
  • Why cooking and salad oils are blocking up our blood vessels.
  • How to eat more healthily.
  • How to prepare the right food to live a longer life.
  • How to reverse many chronic diseases.
  • How to quickly get off medication which is destroying your immune system.
  • How to listen to your body when eating.
  • Why you can’t even rely on fresh produce anymore, and HAVE to supplement.
  • Which supplements are a MUST.
  • Why you should never microwave food.
  • What you need to do with your water, to balance the acid in your body.
  • How fizzy drinks, cordials and fruit juices are slowly killing us.
But it’s reversable; and your body this year is a completely different body from last year. In one year, you replace every cell in your body, so you can reverse most of the problems you are having now, and prevent future ones you are about to have.
  • Nutritious foods and snacks you can incorporate into your diet to suppress cravings and addictions.
  • How to prepare healthy but tasty food that is filling and satisfying.
  • How to stay young and healthy; you don’t need potions and lotions to look and be youthful.
  • How to maximise your food intake to prevent cancer, heart-disease and diabetes plus other debilitating diseases.
  • How you can extend your life-expectancy AND be more mobile.
If you’re interested in staying alive and living longer and healthier;and giving your family the best choices possible, this book is for you.

This book not only is armed with the latest research and information that will help keep you and your family alive, it is full of fun, easy and practicle solutions you can begin to incorporate, to remain disease free. It will also help you to shed weight quickly, without losing energy or muscle tone.

This book isn’t about radical change; it is about helping you step-by-step, with support, to begin to implement changes, that can get you and your family off medication, and living the life you were meant to live; a happy life.


  1. The 2 greatest killers of mankind
  2. Three essential items for great health and recovery
  3. Who am I?
  4. Heart disease creeps up on us
  5. Cancer is creeping up on us
  6. Why are we not told all this by our government?
  7. Got milk?
  8. Sugar to die for
  9. Eating to live
  10. Food categories and types
  11. List of acid and alkaline foods
  12. Cooking or raw?
  13. Food quantities
  14. Alcohol
  15. Water
  16. Vitamins and minerals
  17. Sausage, bacon, ham and pork to die for?
  18. Hope for our loved ones, who are dying around us, of cancer and heart disease
  19. My benefits from changing diet
  20. Additional therapy
  21. Jill’s recipes for eating to live
  22. Resources
  23. Glenn’s morning supercharged smoothie


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