01 Archangel Metatron Meditation – Meeting Your Guardian Angel

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A guardian angel meditation to help you connect with your guardian angel and talk with your guardian angel for healing, support and guidance.

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Experience A Connection With
Your Guardian Angel Instantly!

Everyone can experience the joy of connecting with their own personal guardian angel and in our “Meet Your Guardian Angel” guided meditation. Archangel Metatron will show you how to manifest your guardian angel, take time out to find out who your guardian angel is; and have them answer any questions you have with any specific problems in your life. You will be able to ask your guardian angel their name and purpose in your life.

Your guardian angel will help you to manifest your own spiritual wings, to allow you to rise above your everyday cares and worries; to carry you onwards and upwards towards God; light; the one conscious energy.

Why A Metatron Guardian Angel Guided Meditation will help.
Your guardian angel is your personal guide who watches over you from birth, to the day you pass back into the spirit world. Unlike spirit guides who have had many lives like us, your guardian angel is a pure spirit who has never incarnated and your guardian angel’s role is to protect you and help you to be the best you can be. Your guardian angel can help you with anything, however… since you have been granted the luxury of ‘free-will’, you have to give your guardian angel permission to help you unless, you are about to do something that will cause you to have a premature death. There are numerous reports of people who have heard their guardian angel call out to them, or push them, and some have even been lucky enough to have seen their guardian angel.

Many people often wonder if they have a specific guardian angel, and whilst not everyone will see their guardian angel, it is possible to sense, smell or hear them. Your guardian angel will often alert you to their presence by some of the following signs:-

a change in temperature
a sudden surge of emotion
the presence of a small white feather
a particular perfume that becomes strong when trying to connect with your guardian angel
feeling of cobwebs on your face
This particular guardian angel meditation will help you:-

Create a connection between you and your guardian angel.
Recognise the energies of your guardian angel.
Receive specific angel guidance, healing and support.
Develop a two-way communication style between you and your guardian angel.
Increase your psychic and intuitive abilities.

The aim of this trance-channelled guided meditation is to help you learn how to communicate with your guardian angel for guidance, protection, healing and spiritual advancement.This beautiful meditation has been tranced-channelled from Archangel Metatron, so allow him to guide you gently and learn to talk with your guardian angel today.

1. Introduction Glenn – 04:05
2. What are guardian angels Glenn – 23:30
3. Pre med notes Glenn – 00:53
4. Meditation Glenn – 23:26
5. Meditation Jill – 20:06

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Sample of Track 5 – Meditation with Jill

Sample of Track 4 Click Here – Meditation with Glenn

1 review for 01 Archangel Metatron Meditation – Meeting Your Guardian Angel

  1. Georgina Parkinson

    I had tried for so long to communicate with my angel but never seemed to get anywhere. This particular meditation has helped me recognise when my guardian angel is close by and slowly I am learning to trust the guidance I am getting from my guardian angel. This meditation is a very helpful meditation and as a beginner it was just what I needed to build my confidence and understanding how my guardian angel communicates with me.

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